Barbara Iadarola

ESR 11

Research Subject:  Genetics of nutrition in ageing

Beneficiary: Personal Genomics s.r.l (PG) 

Supervisory Team:  Prof. Massimo Delledonne and Dr. Marianna Garonzi  

PhD Update: Thesis submitted, oral presentation in Feb 2020.


Barbara has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and a Master Degree in Bioinformatics. During her Masters she had the opportunity to do her thesis abroad, at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park. She spent 6 months in Spain, working in the Structural Bioinformatics laboratory on associations between diseases using protein-protein interaction network.  

After graduation, Barbara moved to London and worked as a Bioinformatician for two years at the Medical Research Council, Clinical Sciences Centre. She worked in the Cancer Genomics laboratory, whose research aim was to identify genes that are deregulated and mutated in cancer using insertional mutagenesis screens as a model system in infected mice, studying how these genes cooperate to drive lymphoma development.

Considering these experiences, the PANINI PhD will give Barbara the possibility to improve not only her knowledge and her curiosity for the bioinformatics field, but also to dedicate herself to research.





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