Dmitriy Bondarev


Research Subject: Physical activity and nutrition effects during perimenopause

Beneficiary:  University of Jyvaskyla (UJ)

Supervisory Team:  Prof. Sarianna Sipila,  Prof. Taija Juutinen and Prof. Katja Kokko

PhD Update: continuing PhD into 4th year at host institution


After obtaining his first degree in Physical Education and Sport, Dmitriy began to work in a sport applied setting - teaching physical education classes for tertiary students. During this time he also realized the importance of psychological factors that an instructor has to consider when implementing almost any fitness program. This brought him once again to the study bench, to Lund University (Sweden) where he received his Master’s in Medical Science with specialization in Sport Psychology.

After that Dmitriy went back to Russia at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad) and worked there as a lecturer of exercise physiology and sport psychology. His research interests here spanned to behavioral choices models that can explain how short term gains (e.g. pleasure of playing computer games) are traded off for potential health consequences later in life (e.g. physical activity). He was also involved in a few projects on developing research infrastructure and it made him realize the potential necessity of a healthy aging research center.

Under the PANINI project Dmitriy will be doing research on the role of psychological factors on health outcomes from a lifespan perspective. 




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