Dr. Evans Asamane


Research Subject: Diet and eating behaviours in ethinically diverse older adults

Beneficiary:  University of Birmingham (UoB)

Supervisory Team: Prof. Janice Thompson and Dr. Carolyn Greig

PhD Update: Awarded PhD Dec 2019


Evans completed his bachelor’s degree in community nutrition at the University for Development Studies (Ghana) and his master’s degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Sheffield (UK).

Prior to joining the University of Birmingham, Evans worked as a Nutrition Officer with the Ghana Health service for 5 years in the areas of maternal and child health. He also worked with the University of Zambia as a research intern for 4 months on a project that explored the nutritional and cultural meaning of meat among young men in rural and urban areas in Zambia.

In the PANINI research network, Evans is working as an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) under the supervision of Prof. Janice Thompson and Dr. Carolyn Greig. Using culturally-adapted assessment tools, they are investigating the types of social networks that exist among community dwelling ethnically diverse older adults, and how social networks and other key factors could influence their dietary intake and physical function.  

As a longitudinal mixed method research, Evans wants to comprehensively understand what changes occur over time and how these might impact on their eating behaviours and physical function. Overall, the findings of this research can inform the design of new and existing culturally tailored community interventions to support healthy ageing.


In Press:

  • Frailty Levels in Geriatric Hospital paTients (FLIGHT) - The prevalence of frailty amongst geriatric populations within hospital ward settings: A systematic review protocol. Doody, P., Aunger, J.A., Asamane, E.A., Greig, C.A., Lord, J.M., Whittaker, A.C., 2019. BMJ Open



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