Apr 2017 - Lying down measures dietary needs

Suey - metabolic rate

Staff test new devices

Introducing new devices to the hospital for measuring resting metabolic rate whilst lying down

In April 2017, two new devices were introduced in the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia and ESR 9 attended a training on how to use them to measure resting metabolic rate (RMR).  RMR is the energy needed to sustain normal body functions at rest.  It can be estimated using predictive equation or measured via indirect calorimetry.  RMR measurement helps dietitians to provide individualized dietary intake recommendataion.  Staff and students in the department were all excited to try these new devices.  It’s not a difficult procedure –  you have to lie down with minimal motion and no talking or sleeping for 30 minutes in order to get an accurate measurement!


Posted on Friday 28th April 2017