Illustration of a man daydreaming  

Identifying false beliefs that are good for us

Daydreaming illustration
Illustration of a man holding a mask in front of his face  

Understanding how we reconstruct the self

Mask illustration
Illustration of two men, with a question mark above his head, and one with an exclamation mark

Exploring the limitations of cognition

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Illustration of a doctor shining a light into the open skull of a patient 

Doing epistemology that informs clinical interventions

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Illustration of four men menacing another man 

Developing the tools to fight the stigma of mental illness

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Who are we? 

We are a team of researchers working on PERFECT, a project funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Professor Lisa Bortolotti.

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Read our Imperfect Cognitions blog and follow the activities of our expanding network of researchers with interdisciplinary interests in belief, memory and confabulation.

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Learn about project news and meetings. We organise academic workshops, public engagement events, and focus groups with mental health care professionals and service users. 

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