The Project Team

StefanKrauseStefan Krause

Stefan Krause is a Reader in Water Sciences. His research investigating the impacts of global environmental change on hydrological fluxes, biogeochemical cycling and ecohydrological feedback functions in complex landscapes with coupled groundwater-surface water systems. 

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Jay Zarnetske

Jay Zarnetske is an environmental hydrologist who is exploring the hydrogeomorphic template of catchment ecosystems and groundwater – surface water exchange environments. His research group is interested in how hydrologic processes and aquatic ecosystems responds to climate and land use change.

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Adam Ward

Adam Ward’s work is in quantifying the transport of water, energy, and nutrients through hydrological landscapes, and the ecological implications of these fluxes. He seeks to understand how hydrological connections between streams, their landscapes, and their aquifers control biogeochemical processes and ecosystem function, particularly the transport and fate of compounds in the environment.

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Jan Fleckenstein

Jan Fleckenstein is the head of the Department of Hydrogeology at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research – UFZ. He holds a PhD in Hydrologic Sciences from the University of California, Davis and has specific expertise in hydrologic modeling and linking hydrology with biogeochemistry. His research interests are in the fields of groundwater-surface water interactions, hydrologic controls of biogeochemical turnover, and water and solute flux dynamics in catchments.

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Scott Larned

Scott is an ecosystems ecologist. His research interests tend towards the interdisciplinary: interactions between ecosystem processes and hydrodynamics, between river flow regimes and biological communities, and between nutrient cycles and aquatic food webs.

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Thibault Datry

Thibault Datry is a community ecologist with research interests in temporary river ecology, groundwater-surface water interactions, and hyporheic and groundwater ecology.

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Eugènia Marti

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Phillip Blaen

Phillip Blaen is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham. He has research interests in river hydrology, ecology and biogeochemical cycling.