Information and research skills

Student looking through a book

Since 2008, Library Services at the University of Birmingham has run a short Information and Research Skills session for year 12 and 13 students in the Midlands.

Research and study skills sessions

The two interactive sessions, which take place on the University’s campus, cover various important study skills that students will need when arriving at University as well as for the remainder of their school and college studies. It can also provide a good starting point for those undertaking the EPQ.

What the courses cover

Study Skills: Research and evaluation skills

This session will help students understand how to critically think and evaluate the material they are using for essays. It will also provide them with the skills to find good quality materials. This is a great starting point for students undertaking the EPQ.

Study Skills: Planning and structuring an assignment

This session will help students develop the key skills that are needed for successful planning and structuring of an assignment. This session is a good starting point for students who want to know more about academic writing or for those undertaking a longer essay, such as the EPQ, for the first time.

For more information or to book, please email or visit the Masterclass programme pages

If you can't attend

We would also like to share our training with the wider community in the hope that librarians and/or teachers can provide similar such training in their schools and colleges both in the UK and abroad.

An information pack for teachers, to be used in conjunction with the skills pack for students, provides all the information required for librarians and/or teachers to successfully provide similar training on these important information and research skills in their own institutions. The Teachers Pack contains full instructional information on how to teach our session, plus additional activities.