Our collection

Main Library

The Main Library holds more than 55,000 specific law volumes. These include textbooks, laws reports, statutes, journals and official publications. We hold a comprehensive collection of core law textbooks and law reports series including:

  • The Scots Law Times
  • European Court Reports and Common Market Law Reports
  • The Irish Reports; Northern Ireland Law Reports and Session Cases.

International law resources

We hold a collection of material from the Commonwealth and the United States, as well as a range of primary materials on international human rights. 

Other resources

Members of the library also have access to a wide range of electronic resources including Westlaw UK, Lexis Library, Hein Online and other specialised resources.

Barnes Library

Along with the Main Library, the Barnes Library contains some texts relating to medical law and ethics.

Special Collections

If you wish to carry out historical research into law and legal documents, the Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections holds a number archive collections available for research.

  • twentieth-century records of the University of Birmingham Faculty of Law
  • records of the Holdsworth Club, the society for University of Birmingham law students
  • thirteenth- to sixteenth-century legal documents such as the Hagley Hall Charters
  • numerous examples of legal papers within the archives of various organisations

Please contact the Cadbury Research Library if you’d like further information.