Modern Language Libraries

The University Library holds book collections in European languages and literatures.

Our collection

Main Library

Our Main Library European language collection is particularly focused on French, German, Italian and Hispanic Studies. We also have a sizeable collection in Russian language and literature.

The collections cover original literary works, translations and critical works from all periods of literature from medieval to modern.

There are also course books, grammars and dictionaries for a range of languages. The Language and Literature Reference collection in the Main Library has monolingual, bilingual and specialised dictionaries in most European languages.

Video and DVD collection

The Video/DVD collection in the Main Library contains feature films, documentaries, dramatised literary works and other visual material in various languages which can be loaned or viewed on the DVD viewing equipment adjacent to the collection.

Academic Journals and other resources

The University subscribes to around 200 academic journals in modern languages, and also has a number of current newspapers and magazines in the major European languages which are available to read.

Special Collections

Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections holds an extensive collection of Soviet propaganda posters, spanning the period from the October Revolution until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Includes reproductions of many classic posters from the 1920s as well as numerous originals from the Brezhnev era and later. Please contact the Cadbury Research Library if you’d like further information.