Project in Education for Health Professionals

This module will involve students undertaking their own research project into education for health professionals.

1-1 tutorial and email support provided by research supervisor

This module will provide you with an opportunity to undertake a small scale research project focusing on a topical issue in education.

To provide an opportunity to conduct and appraise educational research that will allow consolidation of topics introduced in Module 1 including: the nature of evidence in education, project planning, research design and methodology.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the module you should be able to: 

  • Show a critical understanding of the nature of evidence in education.
  • Demonstrate an ability to explain the reasons for selecting a particular research method to explore a selected research problem.
  • Undertake a small scale project showing a depth of analytical competence in the appraisal.
  • Critically analyse the application of a selected research design to a small scale empirical project.;

A single 4,000 word assignment on a small scale research project written in a form that is potentially publishable, adhering to the nominated journals’ guidance.

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