Cross-Cultural Issues in Special Educational Needs

This module will enable you to gain an understanding of trends and trajectories in the development of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and inclusive education, as well as serve as a survey of disability studies and education from an international perspective.

You will be supported to undertake critical analysis of cross-cultural dimensions of SEND and inclusive education, with particular attention to your own context. You will also be engaged in critical reflection on the positive and negative impact of cross-cultural dimensions, in your own contexts and those of others, and on professional identity and praxis. The potential of ‘interventions’ that have a cross-cultural basis (eg in disability studies, philosophy and the arts) to stimulate inclusive policy and practice will also be examined.

This module will give you 20 credits at Postgraduate Masters Level/Level 7.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate comparative knowledge and understanding of different trends and trajectories in the development of SEND and inclusive education
  • demonstrate an understanding of cross-cultural dimensions of SEND and inclusive education, including those in your own contexts
  • critically analyse the relationship between cross-cultural issues and the development of your professional identity and practice
  • critically analyse and evaluate the potential impact of cross-cultural ‘interventions’ on policy and practice in respect of SEND and inclusive education


You will be assessed through a range of work, enabling you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and understanding of the theory and practical application of the module material. 

You will have one specific formative assessment (where you receive informal feedback, but it does not count towards your module grade) and one summative assessment (which is graded). 

Through this comprehensive range of assessment components, your professional and academic careers will be enhanced.