Good Brain, Bad Brain: Drug Origins resources

Links to resources on our website for students on our Good Brain, Bad Brain - Drug Origins MOOC.

Optional pre-course reading

There is an enormous wealth of information on the web related to finding new drugs to use as medicines in human health. Unfortunately, it often falls into one of two extreme categories; some information is extremely technical and clearly intended for specialist scientists and some lists out relevant processes but skirts over the reasons or key issues. So, this course aims to give you sufficient background so that you can start to investigate these issues for yourself.

If you want to do some pre-reading, then there are some links listed below which will give you a flavour for the scope of the course.

Drug discovery:

Drug development:

Most countries have an agency that is responsible for ensuring that drugs have been produced appropriately. The links below take you to the relevant agency in the UK and USA

If you are looking for a serious and quite technical textbook try this one:

  • Drug Discovery and Development: Technology in Transition, 2nd edition. Raymond G Hill. Churchill Livingstone