Nila Namsechi

Nila Namsechi

Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
Doctoral Researcher

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PhD title: Duchy of Naples under the Byzantine rule (660-1000.c)
Supervisors: Dr Daniel Reynolds and Dr Archie Dunn
PhD Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies


  • BA in Classic Archeology at La Sapienza of Rome
  • MA in Byzantine Studies at University of Birmingham


  • BA in Classic and Medieval Archaeology at Sapienza University of Rome.
  • MA Antiquity in Byzantine Studies at University of Birmingham.
  • PhD candidate in Byzantine Studies at University of Birmingham.
  • Digital Assistant of Global Literary Theory Project at University of Birmingham.

Doctoral research


Nila Namsechi is currently a PhD candidate in Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies at University of Birmingham where she offers the first systematic study of the Byzantine and Early Medieval Duchy of Naples from c650-1000. Drawing together over fifty years of textual and archaeological research, her thesis will address the transition period that Naples underwent during these centuries by examining the built environment and monumental topography of the city and the territory of Duchy of Naples. Furthermore, her thesis aims to understand the cultural impact of Byzantium alongside other regional cultures on Naples.

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Through the College of Arts and Law Graduate School Postgraduate Research Support Fund, I have been awarded funds to visit the library and archive of National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

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