Moyo Castano

castano-moyoBSc Medical Biochemistry (graduated 2014)

“It benefitted my work ethic and the importance of consistent hard work as well as planning and managing my time efficiently.”

What I have been doing since graduation

After graduation I volunteered with the International Citizen’s Service in Rwanda for 3 months after fundraising for the Tearfund charity I would be working for. During this time I was looking for a master’s programme to study ‘Development Studies’. I then found a job at a Community Hospital as an administrator whilst making applications. I was then accepted onto the MSc Development Studies course at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. I began the course September 2015 and will complete it September 2016.

How my course benefited me

Medical Biochemistry, to me, could be narrowly reduced to ‘living Chemistry’. I learnt topics in Biology, Chemistry and some in Physics with the original intention to study Medicine afterwards. However, my career path changed during my final year at university. The maths covered in the course has aided me in the economics I learn in my current course.

My first year in Birmingham

I enjoyed it and it was easy to make friends. I felt a bit lost on the course at times, but I assume this is normal to most first year undergraduates.

How going to University benefitted me

It benefitted my work ethic and the importance of consistent hard work as well as planning and managing my time efficiently. It also improved my confidence and matured me, not only in ‘finding myself’ and becoming comfortable with who I am, but also having the responsibility of water and electricity bills and rent.

Campus life

Studying at Edgbaston was relatively pleasant, it wasn’t too far from Birmingham City centre. It’s a much more conducive environment for a student. However, it was difficult to find things to do at times.

Living in Birmingham

Quieter and less busy than London which is mostly a good thing. There was more or less the same kinds of things to do in Birmingham as in London. Yes, the student community were supportive.

Student societies I took part in

I was the treasurer/leader of GIFT Christian Society for one year and became a mentor in my final year, I was involved in GIFT in all my three years.

My future aspirations

To work in International Development with special reference to sub-Saharan Africa. I want to work with government or in policy in a think tank.

My top tip

Birmingham has the right amount of ‘city hustle and bustle’ and the right amount of ‘calm’ in my opinion. It’s calmer than London, but a lot more exciting than other cities in the UK. Try your best to force yourself to make friends and join a society, any society.