Professor Hansong Ma PhD

Professor Hansong Ma

School of Biosciences
Professor in Genetics

Hansong is a leading expert in mitochondrial genetics. Her group developed tools and systems in Drosophila to study mitochondrial DNA transmission and maintenance.


Hansong studied the host-pathogen interaction for her DPhil at the University of Birmingham under the supervision of Prof Robin May. She then joined Prof Patrick O’Farrell’s laboratory as a Human Frontier postdoctoral fellow at the University of California San Francisco to explore mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) transmission in Drosophila. In 2017, she started her group as Wellcome Sir Henry Dale Fellow at the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge. She moved her lab to Birmingham in 2023.

Postgraduate supervision

The lab is recruiting PhD students.

We have a PhD studentship available. Please apply before the 31st May 2023!

Other activities

Mitochondrial DNA transmission, inheritance and repair, Mitochondrial dynamics, mito-nuclear coevolution


Recent publications


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