BSc Business Management: The Year in Industry experience

What is it like to study on the Business Management with Year in Industry programme? Students from Birmingham Business School offer their own insight into the process and discuss their experience on placement.

Amrit Bains

Product Management Intern - Allegion

"I think the key benefits of studying this programme are the diversity of the modules and the fact that year in industry actually gives you that practical experience rather than just learning from textbooks."

Sophie Burt

GTO Corporate Technology COO - Deutsche Bank

"The year in industry has just been one of the best things I have ever done because it’s meant that I have been able to put into practise the theory that I have learnt during my degree."

Harley Medlock

Student Recruitment Assistant - PwC

"The placement scheme is a really good stepping store into securing your graduate job."


Helen Rawnsley

Prince's Trust

"'s just made me more more outgoing I think and passionate about making a difference in the world after university and seeing how rewarding working in the third sector is, I think I've taken that with me and I want to carry that on and hopefully make a difference when I leave."