Taster Sessions in Big Data Management and Risk Management

Zoom webinar
Thursday 26 November 2020 (11:00-12:00)

This taster session will be run by Dr Anandadeep Mandal, Lecturer in Finance at Birmingham Business School.

The live session will cover two topics, one from Big Data Management and the other from Risk Management in Financial Markets.

For Big Data Management, Dr Mandal will be covering ‘Deep and Reinforcement Learning’ through Neural Networks (Artificial Intelligence), involving multi-layer perceptions. In the session he will illustrate and identify the factors impacting stock market volatility. This will allow participants to have a glimpse of Artificial Intelligence in financial markets.  

For Risk Management, Dr. Mandal will discuss why FinTech is crucial to risk management. He give four examples of analytical capabilities that enhance risk management for investors. The examples include fund-flow tracking, data-driven decision making, monitoring performance and understanding client’s risk preference. Dr Mandal will also provide additional examples of why FinTech firms are the key players in asset-management and in derivatives markets.

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