Distance learning student testimonials

Videos of our distance learning students talking about their experience of studying at Birmingham. 

maria elena alampi

Maria Elena Alampi, PhD Italian Studies by DL
"The two week distance residential is very inspiring - you meet people from all over the world."

Patrick AllenPatrick Allen, PhD Philosophy by DL

"The programme has been great, the people have been great and I highly recommend it."

Louise Barnes

Louise Barnes, MA Applied Linguistics by DL
"I had a really supportive tutor who I could always contact."


Debbie Dargan, MA Applied Linguistics by DL
"I like distance learning because I can do things at my own pace."

Brianna Grantham

Brianna Grantham, PhD Creative Writing by DL
"Distance learning was the best option for me because I can continue to teach, and also pursue my PhD."

Photo of Madi Pollard-Shore

Madi Pollard-Shore, MA by Research by DL, Department of Theology and Religion
"Doing it by distance learning just gave me a lot more flexibility to fit my degree around all of my current commitments without also having to relocate to a new city."


Matthew Lane, MA Applied Linguistics by DL
"I can apply the things I'm learning to my work straight away."


Selena Rathwell, PhD English Literature by DL
"A lot of universities wanted me to come to campus… but Birmingham allowed me to be much more flexible."


Aaron Ross, PhD Theology and Religion by DL
"This gives me the unique opportunity to research from home whilst still having all the resources from the University of Birmingham."

Photo of Cristina Sucala

Cristina Sucala, PhD, part-time by DL, Ironbridge Institute for Cultural Heritage
"It's very interesting the direction they (IIRCH) want to go in and it corresponds to what I'm looking for."

Photo of Glen Morrison

Glen Morrison, PhD part-time by DL, Department of Theology and Religion
"For my field there are few universities around the world that have the expertise or speciality. Of those Birmingham really is the best and the leader."

Photo of Ian Jenkins

Ian Jenkins, PhD by DL, Department of History
"The support you get from every element of the university is excellent."

Photo of Kamree Gale

Kamree Gale, MA by Research  by DL, Department of Art History, Curating and Visual Studies
"I’ve loved working with my supervisor and just gleaning all of these bits of information on how to be a good researcher and making sure that I’m able to express my thoughts and my ideas in a relevant and important manner."