Global Masters Scholar: Zhenyu Xu

Zhenyu Xu, MA Art History and Curating student, shares how the Global Masters Scholarship has changed her experience at the University of Birmingham!

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As an international student, the Global Masters Scholarship (GMS) was something I stumbled upon on the university’s website under Fees, Funding and Scholarships. I was interested in the options that were available to me, and what I could apply for. I used the filter “postgraduate scholarship and funding database” to scan through the options and made the decision to apply for the Global Masters Scholarship as I seemed to tick all the boxes.

The application process was fairly simple following the instructions step by step. I submitted my application along with an essay response to a question and waited for a response. When I received the confirmation that I had been accepted for the scholarship, I was extremely grateful and knew it would significantly impact my experience at the University of Birmingham. 

The scholarship has supported me both financially and mentally. Firstly, the scholarship eased the financial burden on myself and my family, it also allowed me to live a more comfortable life in Birmingham. Since the scholarship helped me pay most of my tuition, I was able to buy many academic books and visit exhibitions whilst studying, which has helped my degree. Secondly, I regard this scholarship as an affirmation and recognition of my academic ability. I have become more confident in sharing my academic research and contributions in lectures and seminars. Finally, I believe that the scholarship will do credit to my resume and benefit my future career coming from a Russel Group University.

Overall I am pleased with the course I chose, MA Art History and Curating, and my experience at the University of Birmingham so far. I have learnt a lot from my professors and peers, not only academically, but also professional and socially. Lecturers of Art History have always been helpful, friendly and sincere, providing me with lots of information and useful advice. I also benefit largely from my time at the library on campus, indulging myself with knowledge and wisdom. The Barber Institute of Fine Arts has suplemented my learning and given me an insight into a career in Curating. Birmingham as a city itself is a place of energy, creativity and fun. The city inspires me in my curatorial practice everyday which I hope to showcase through my work in the future.

My advice for other international students wanting to apply is to strive for every opportunity, but don't expect too much in advance. Discover your own shining points and celebrate your every achievement, but at the same time acknowledge your own shortcomings and the excellence of others." 

Zhenyu XU

“There is nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

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