Ernest Kwofie – MRes African Studies

MRes African Studies student, Ernest Kwofie, tells us more about his experience studying at the University of Birmingham. 

Ernest KwofieWhy did you choose African Studies at the University of Birmingham?

Why did you choose African Studies at the University of Birmingham?

“The African Studies Department in Birmingham is reputable for its specialisation in West African history, politics, and societies. More importantly, the availability of a supervisor with an expertise in my area of research inspired me greatly to choose African Studies in Birmingham.

What has been the highlight of your course?

“I have learnt a great deal from my modules on research methods whiles the weekly seminars offered a suitable platform to meet scholars working on a variety of topics with different research approaches which have shaped my own approach to research. Above all, the quality of supervision has been phenomenal. My supervisor been more than supportive for my research development; with her unwavering commitment and guidance, my vague research ideas have been refined into a standard dissertation topic worthy of a research degree”.

What have you learnt from your programme?

“Overall, my knowledge of research methods on African politics has been improved whilst my interactions with different academics and my supervisor in particular have helped me to be more reflexive and critical in the way I develop and present my research ideas.”

What is life like as a student at the University of Birmingham?

“Studying at the University of Birmingham has been significant to my academic development as it has given me the opportunity to meet different people who bring a variety of ideas to the table. Specifically, the weekly seminars in the various Schools and Colleges present an incredible opportunity to learn outside my normal academic lectures whiles there are a range of activities like poetry events that are essential for winding down in a more relaxing but productive fashion. So I must say that life in Birmingham has been full of productive interactions with great minds and particularly for me, I find it beneficial in that it has helped me to sharpen my intellectual and professional skills”.

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