RSC Photochemistry Group Meeting

Haworth building (Y2 on the University map)
Thursday 14 September (12:00) - Friday 15 September 2017 (17:00)

The RSC Photochemistry Interest Group meeting is set to bring together the photochemistry community in the UK and Ireland to showcase recent developments across interests of areas from fundamental photochemistry and photophysics of molecular, supramolecular structures and materials, theoretical photochemistry and advanced spectroscopic techniques to devices, solar fuels and solar cells and photochemistry for healthcare applications. 

This meeting builds upon the success of the biennial Photochemistry Researchers meeting held at Trinity College in 2011, Belfast in 2013 and Newcastle in 2015.


Haworth building (Y2 on the University map [PDF])

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Further information

The meeting will be of interest to photochemistry researchers, including early career researchers, postgraduate students, post-doctoral researchers, academics and industrialists.

Confirmed speakers

Keynote lectures:

Techniques and recent state of the art

Deadline for registration: 4 September 2017. Payment of £60 will be taken following registration and it will include lunches, refreshments and conference dinner on 14th September.

Confirmed Oral Contributions

  • Photoactive Anion Sensing Interlocked Molecular Machines
  • Controlling the photophysical properties of dibenzoylhydrazine-bridged cyclometalated diiridium phosphors
  • Investigations into the Structural Dynamics of the pant photoreceptor UVR8, using Novel Photo Initiated-lon Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation
  • Rhythm of Light: BODIPY Based Voltage Sensitive Dyes
  • Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding Controlled Intersystem Crossing Rates of Benzophenone
  • Exploring Charge Transfer Dynamics in a model Dinucleotide of Guanine and Thymine
  • Synthesis and Characterisation of Fluorescent Carbon Fibers
  • Excited State Absorption in the V-Cr Prussian Blue Analogue
  • Exploring the Colour Tunability and Stability of Organolead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
  • Ab initio surface-hopping simulations of CS2 photodissociation dynamics
  • Mapping the photochemistry of Photo-CORMs via gas-phase laser spectroscopy
  • Understanding the non-mirror symmetry of BOPHY molecules
  • Iridium Functionalised Gold Nanoparticles as Two-Photon Imaging Probes for Monitoring Angiogenesis in Tumours

Early Career Researchers - presentations

We encourage Early Career Researchers to submit oral contributions.

  • Deadline for oral presentation submission is 4 August 2017, deadline for poster presentations is 30 August 2017.
  • Please download the abstract template and submit the file as pdf.
  • Submit your abstract for oral and poster presentations to

Travel bursaries for early career researchers are available. Please place a request upon submission of your abstract at  

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