Jessica Hawthorn, BSc Dental Hygiene and Therapy 2015 | Hygienist/Therapist

Jessica Hawthorn-450x450Jessica is self-employed and works in Worcestershire. 

Please can you give a brief history of your career since graduating from the University of Birmingham?

Since graduating I have worked in several dental practices around Worcestershire. I am self-employed and work for both {mydentist} and Oasis Dental Care corporations.

What is your current job and what does it involve? 

My role is slightly different at each practice I work at. At one of my practices I am solely a Dental Hygienist, where I see patients on a Private basis and primarily provide Scaling, Polishing and Root Surface Debridement treatments. At my other practice, I have a dual role as a NHS Dental Hygienist/ Therapist- this enables me to use more of my skills such as doing fillings, deciduous extractions and deciduous pulp treatments.

What do you love the most about your job and what is the biggest challenge?

I love hearing compliments off patients- this makes all the hard work worthwhile! The job is tough and can be incredibly stressful due to various pressures of time etc. but when treatment is successful and you receive appreciation from patients, the stress pays off. 

How did your degree help prepare you for your career?

The degree gave me the main foundation to my career. It has allowed me to be independent within my role and has equipped me with the knowledge to treat my patients. The restorative dentistry modules were incredibly valuable as they have allowed to me expand my career further than Dental Hygiene alone.

What attracted you to studying at Birmingham?

The outstanding reputation of the University of Birmingham and the School of Dentistry made Birmingham my first choice when browsing for courses. I also live nearby and for me this was a benefit- with the great transport connections to the city centre it meant that I could commute to university.

How would you sum up your time in Birmingham in three words?

Exciting, tough, rewarding.

What inspired you most during your time at Birmingham?

I think most of the inspiration I gained during my time at university came from the network of other Hygienists/Therapists that surrounded me- the lecturers and tutors, other students and my growing knowledge of the external hygienists and therapists in the UK and beyond. 

What tips/ advice would you give to people who are considering studying Dental Hygiene and Therapy at Birmingham?

Prepare to work hard but pace yourselves. Your time at Birmingham will be challenging but graduating is the most rewarding experience! 

How would you advise people to make the most of their time on the course?

Spend your time well - prepare for all exams and assignments well in advance. Also, find the balance between study and leisure!