Digital cultures writing workshop

Alan Walters 111 - Seminar room 2
Wednesday 5 June 2019 (09:30-17:30)

The Centre for Digital Cultures is running a writing workshop in Birmingham, with dedicated sessions on different aspects of academic writing and digital research.

The aim is to share approaches and ideas regarding writing advice, drafting and research tips, daily/weekly practice, and submission of work to journals, edited collections, and as monographs. We're also interested in the move from MA to PhD, and PhD to ECR as points where writing practices can change quite dramatically.

The writing workshop will cover: i) key texts in digital cultures research ii) workshopping writing iii) daily practice iv) discussion on writing practice and peer feedback. There will be breakout sessions and open discussion to ensure we cover topics of interest to all participants.


This workshop won't require any extra writing on your part beforehand, but we hope that you'll be able to bring some of your work in progress. With this in mind, could you aim to bring: i) an abstract for a conference paper or journal article (either something you've written, something you plan to submit, or something you've made just up for practice), circa. 200 words, ii) a paragraph or two from something you've written or are writing, circa. 500 words, and iii) be prepared to introduce your current research for 2-3 minutes.

If this is not something you're able to do, don't worry - you're still very welcome at the workshop!


Please RSVP to no later than 31 May 2019 if you'd be interested in taking part in this event.

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