Thomas Kaye

Thomas Kaye

Department of English Literature
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Reading the Grain: The Forestry of Contemporary Literature

Supervisors: Professor Alexandra Harris and Dr Matthew Ward
PhD English Literature


  • BA English Literature, University of Liverpool
  • MA English Literature, University of Liverpool


My project, ‘Reading the Grain: The Forestry of Contemporary Literature’ is a piece of literary criticism that analyses how contemporary writers engage with scientific discourse and forest history to re-imagine our relationship with trees, woodlands,and forests.

The ‘grain’ in the title is a useful metaphor that speaks to my interest in identifying shared or cross-cutting themes in tree-centric writing whilst remaining attentive to the subtle differences that pattern each text. My project will take these cross-cutting themes and examine how the affects and aesthetics of trees in a growing body of tree-centric contemporary literature warp narrative and the cast of human characters into fresh forms.

I will ultimately argue that the multifarious patterns of wood in contemporary literature constitute what I am calling the forestry of writing – forestry being the science of planting, managing, and caring for trees. I am particularly interested in how contemporary authors nurture and propagate their literary trees.