Professor Susan Hunston

hunston-susan-300Susan Hunston is a Professor of English Language at the University of Birmingham, and is one of the primary developers of the Pattern Grammar model of linguistic analysis. Her research focuses on Corpus linguistics, especially the interface between lexis and grammar, phraseology, and on the contribution of corpus linguistics to Applied Linguistics and to discourse studies. Professor Hunston is co-editor of the Cambridge Applied Linguistics Series  and is a former Chair of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) .

Dr Suganthi John

Photograph of Dr Suganthi JohnSuganthi John is a Senior Lecturer in English Language who specialises in academic discourse and second language learning and teaching. She received the Birmingham Education Fellowship for Teaching Excellence in 2017 in recognition for innovative teaching approaches in the classroom. She has had a former career as an English language teacher. Her current research focuses on academic writing development, learner corpora and language teaching materials development.

Dr Amanda Patten

Photograph of Dr Amanda PattenAmanda Patten is a Lecturer of Historical Linguistics at the University of Birmingham. Her research interests fall into the areas of construction grammar, corpus linguistics, and historical linguistics. She investigates the structure and function grammatical constructions in English, and how they change over time. Dr Patten is Review Editor of the journal Cognitive Linguistics.


Dr Florent Perek

perek-florent-315Florent Perek is a Lecturer in Cognitive Linguistics at the University of Birmingham. He is a cognitive linguist, a quantitative corpus linguist, and a construction grammarian. His research focuses on how syntactic constructions are mentally represented, how they are learned, and how they change over time. Dr Perek is a board member of the French Cognitive Linguistics Association (AFliCo)  and is an editor of the journal CogniTextes.


Dr Crayton Walker

Photograph of Dr Crayton WalkerCrayton Walker is a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the University of Birmingham. His main areas of expertise are associated with language teaching and corpus linguistics. His research interests relate to the study of collocation and other phraseological aspects of English.


Dr Martine van Driel

van-driel-martineMartine van Driel is a Teaching Fellow in English Language as well as a research assistant on the Pattern Grammar project. Her research focuses on reader response to different forms of new media and in-person lectures. Her current work looks at podcast reviews and how negations are used to construct expectations of genre.