MA Translation Studies

Extended Translation Projects










  • The Use of Translation as a Teaching Technique within the Context of Learning English as a Foreign Language in Greeceby Elena Arkadi.
  • A Theological Approach to Equivalence: Comparing Judeo-Christian Belief with Shinto/Buddhist Thoughtby Dianne Cook.
  • The Translation of Culture-Specific Items: An Analysis of Helen Fielding’s ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ and its Greek Translationby Dimitra Panagioutou.
  • Analysis of Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders and its Greek Translationby Eleni Panagioutou
  • Medical Interpreting: Serving the Needs of Linguistic Minority Groups in the City of Birminghamby Alexandra Roupakia.
  • Translating Behaviour in the Late Qing Period: A Case Study of Lin Shu and His Translation of Robinson Crusoeby Chan Iut Va



  • Assessing Acceptability of a Translated Linguistics Book, by Ida Dewi.
  • The Representation of Gender in Shakespeare's King Lear. A Critical Analysis of the English Text and Three Greek Translations, by Dimitra Kouskoubekou.
  • *Media and Translation: The Influence of Cultural Views on the Translation of Newsweek into Japanese, by Chie Otani.
  • Translation and Media: A Comparative Analysis of Cosmopolitan and its Greek Translation, by George Papaioannou.
  • Translation Issues and Cultural Diversity in English - Greek Specialist Magazines, by Chrysanthi Pelekou.
  • A History of Early Translation into Japanese: How the Translations Made in the Meiji Era Contributed to the Modernization of Japan, by Atsuko Takano.


  • Translation Strategies for Dealing with Cultural Issues in Two Kimiiru Bible Versions and the Theological Implications of the Translation, by John Ataya.
  • Translating Humour. A Comparative Analysis between English and Greek, by Emmanouela Fanouraki.
  • The Translation of Metaphors in The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salingerby Alexandra Geka.
  • The Art of Translating Poetry - A Focus on Processes, by Kiriaki Mela
  • A Discussion on the Translation of Slang and Taboo Words in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, by Ioannis Melissopoulos.
  • An Analysis of Cohesive Patterns in an English text and its Japanese Translation, by Miki Nakamura.
  • Textual Issues in Translation. An Analysis of the Opening Section of a German Annual Report and its English Translation, by Konrad Schafer.
  • News on the World Wide Web and Translation, by Man Yee Tai.


  • Theme and Topic Translation: From English into Chinese, by Feng-Mei Chao.
  • Intertextuality in Two of Cavafy's Poems and Their Translation into English, by Antigoni Kantrantzi.
  • Transferring Dialect: An Analysis of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting and its Greek Translation, by Eirini Koufaki.
  • Information Selection and Cohesion: A Case Study of Thai Translations of English International News Broadcast on Channel 5 TV News, by Usana Larbprasertporn.
  • European Parliamentary Debates: Interpersonal Choices and Translation, by Giovanna G. Marcelli.
  • Gender and Translation. How Women are Represented in Language, by Yoshiko Shimizu.
  • Translating Salina into English: Loss and Compensation, by Intan Safinaz Zainuddin.
  • Across Culture - Taking the Translation of Food, Modes of Address and Animals as Examples in the Chinese version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Fu-Chi Chen.


  • Training Interpreters: An Evaluation of USM Interpreting Courses, by Leelany Ayob.
  • Wordplay in English and Italian. Written Adverts and the Implications for Translation, by Maria Antonietta Armao.
  • Transferring Drama: A Study of Two Translations of Harold Pinter's Old Times into Greek, by Evangelia Chaidemenou.
  • Cohesion: A Translation Perspective, by Adamantia Karali.
  • The Role of the Court Interpreter, by Evan Nga-Shan Ng
  • Transitivity and the Translation Process: An Examination of the Shifts that Occur in Translation from Italian to English, by Lorraine Quinn-Adriano.


  • Loss and Compensation in Translation: An Analysis of a Japanese Text and Its Translations, by Tomoko Kudo.
  • The Translations of Metaphors in Newspaper Articles (English <=> Greek), by Dimitra Sorovou.


  • The Translation of Address Forms from New Testament (Greek into Dobel)by John Hughes.
  • A Study of Compensation: A Comparative Analysis of Two Spanish Translations of Ulysses, by Gema Echevarria.