Accommodation in Stratford upon Avon

The Shakespeare Institute, unlike the Edgbaston campus at the University of Birmingham, does not have its own accommodation. There are, however, many sources of accommodation in Stratford-upon-Avon and we give as much assistance as we can to help students find somewhere to live.


Should I live in Stratford or Birmingham?

Most of our students choose to live in Stratford and we would recommend that choice as it facilitates participation in all the activities of the Institute such as the Thursday evening play readings, the Shakespeare Institute drama group (the Shakespeare Institute Players) and social activities such as football on a Friday afternoon. All these things can help students feel more involved in the Institute community.

Students will also be sent details about postgraduate Accommodation on the University of Birmingham campus. We generally don’t recommend this option because of difficulties with transport and distance from the Institute. However, please read the information provided by Housing Services (on the Edgbaston campus) as this provides very useful general advice for you about issues affecting students such as council tax etc.

Some students decide to live at home and commute in, especially those who are studying part time. The University of Birmingham will also send you information.

Cost and types of accommodation available

Stratford is quite an expensive place to live in comparison with other areas of the UK, with many of our students paying around £350-650 per month in rent (depending on type of accommodation, location and whether or not utilities are included). There are 4 types of accommodation available to rent in Stratford;

  • Bedsit: A bedsit is usually a room in a house, which will be the private home of an individual, couple or family, and they will also live there. This means that the bedroom will be your own and sometimes you may have a private bathroom. Most bedsits have shared kitchen facilities, etc., and some may only have shared bathroom facilities. Owners may offer meals for a higher weekly rent, but usually it is important to note that no meals are provided.
  • Shared houses: Students are often keen to live with other students while they are studying and are keen to find houses to rent together. As many of our students come from overseas, students will often wait until they have met other students on their course at the beginning of the year and formed a group before they can find a house to share.
  • Flats: Flats can be one or two bedrooms and have separate bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen etc. Flatlets / ‘granny flats’ or ‘annexes’ are very compact flats attached to a private house.
  • Private houses: If you are bringing your family/partner to the UK with you, you may want to find a house to rent. Unfortunately we do not generally have information at the Institute about renting houses and it is best to contact the local letting agencies directly.

Most bedsits, flats, etc. are offered as long term lets (6 months or a year) and you may be required to pay a deposit. More information about properties in the area can be found on, or in the local paper, The Stratford Herald.

Letting agents

Local letting agents are only able to deal with students when they are physically in Stratford. If you are keen to find a flat or house through a letting agency, for example, the best thing to do is to book a guest house for a few days and book appointments with agencies to view available properties when you arrive in Stratford.

Flat search scheme

This scheme has been set up in order to help you find someone with whom to share a house or a flat. We circulate Flat Search Contact Application forms for students to fill in their contact details to enable you to get in touch by email before you arrive at the Institute.

Although students are keen to organise Accommodation as early as possible, many landlords will only start thinking about tenants for next year later in the summer. If you want to arrange to see a place that is registered with us, please contact the owner directly using the contact details given.

All the information is provided by the landlords themselves and is issued to students and displayed at the Institute as an information service only and the Institute accepts no liability whatsoever in respect to these properties and agencies.