Wendy Armstrong

Wendy Armstrong

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Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Anthony Munday: A Modern Edition of Selected Early Work
Supervisor: Professor John Jowett and Professor Tiffany Stern
PhD Shakespeare Studies


MA Shakespeare and Theatre (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, 2012)


Anthony Munday had a very long, very successful career during which he wrote many different types of literature. Between 1577 and 1633 he produced pamphlets, polemics, plays and civic pageants. The English Roman Life, Sir Thomas More and the Huntingdon Plays all stand out as notable literary landmarks, as well as his contributions to the later editions of John Stow’s Survey of London. Few early modern writers can match Munday for quantity or diversity, and his career spanned and interacted with almost all other well-known writers of the day. Despite this, apart from a select few major titles, most of his work is difficult or impossible to obtain in edited form. It is the aim of this thesis to create a new edition of a small selection of Munday’s early works, offering a clear, modernized text, a full commentary and textual notes, and a comprehensive introduction to the specific works concerned. I hope that this new edition may help to develop a fresh understanding of these little-known texts and to encourage analytical discussion of their content. A modern presentation may attract others to see Munday’s work as an accessible and attractive introduction to the literature of Elizabethan life.

Beyond this thesis, I am conscious that Munday’s career extended from the Elizabethan age, throughout the reign of James I and into that of Charles I. The end of Munday’s life is as intriguing as the beginning, and I am interested in how Munday fitted his skills as a government agent of Elizabethan religious conformity into the post-Mayflower age.