Isaac Chong

Isaac Chong

Shakespeare Institute
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Towards Dunsinane: Examining Macbeth’s Witchcraft in Intercultural Adaptation
Supervisors: Dr Chris Laoutaris and Professor Tiffany Stern
PhD Shakespeare Studies


  • BA in English (Distinction) from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore


I graduated with my BA in 2018, worked as a part-time tutor in 2019, applied and was accepted to the Shakespeare Institute as a Masters by Research student in 2020, which I upgraded into a PhD in 2021.


This project attempts to focus on the spiritual aspects of Macbeth (its Christian context and the manner in which witchcraft is perceived) and how these aspects are translated across cultures and spiritual practices that have a different relationship with the supernatural.

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  • Presented "Frightfully Comical: Disney's Witch Hazel as a Reading Aid to Macbeth" at Britgrad 2021

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