Born of the pioneering collaboration between the University of Birmingham and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), the Radical Mischief conference offers an unmissable opportunity to be involved in an urgent and open conversation about what thought and theatre can do in our time at the RSC’s centre for research and development, The Other Place.

20-21 July 2018

A new and ambitious dialogue between theatre and scholarship has the potential to refresh the quality and impact of thought and action in both arenas. In unstable times, can such inter-disciplinary discourse reinvigorate the spirit of democracy itself?

We invite theatre-artists, academics, cultural policy makers and educators to join the conversation, to share their own thoughts and work, and to contribute to a new agenda for our new times. Find out more about registering for this conference and book your place.

Keynote speakers

The event will also feature an exciting mix of scholars, artists and journalists - see who is involved

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