Nicklas Lindström

Nicklas LindstromDoctoral Researcher


Current Status

2nd year - Part time

Research Topic

Supporting students to identify and articulate their use of prior knowledge necessary to solve problems in secondary school chemistry.

Research summary

Current policy in secondary science education describes the necessity for school leavers to have been taught how to analyse, evaluate and apply scientific knowledge. These skills are also part of the wider stated desires of the national curriculum in England and Wales. Evidence suggests, however, that students at this age are not adequately prepared for the cognitive demands required to meet those stated curriculum aims.

In order to explore how this deficit may be addressed an intervention based on a neo-Piagetian model of cognitive development is proposed. The intervention is based on the SOLO taxonomy, (structure of observed learning outcomes), to pre-empt students epistemological thinking in secondary school chemistry. Classes of secondary chemistry students will be encouraged to engage in dialogic metacognition to explore the relationship between existing knowledge and new problems. 

Research projects

Practical Assessment in School Science (PASS) 2021 – Assessing students’ knowledge and understanding of practical work through written examination questions, and consequences for pedagogy in secondary schools.

Research Supervisors

Dr Tonie Stolberg and Dr Sandy Wilkins


UoB CoSS Scholarship


  • B.Sc. Applied Chemistry (University of Wolverhampton)
  • M.Sc. Business Studies (Aston University)
  • PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry (University of Warwick)

Membership of research and professional organisations

MRSC (Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry)


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  • Lindstrom, N. (2020) ‘Supporting student responses in GCSE using the SOLO taxonomy’. School Science Review. 102 (DEC 379).
  • Lindstrom, N and Aston, K. (in print) Redox and Electrolysis ‘in’ Teaching Secondary Chemistry. ASE.

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