The International Workshop on the Bees Algorithm and its Applications (BAA)

Wednesday 29 September 2021 (08:30-15:00)

For further information, please email Natalia Hartono.

The International Workshop on the Bees Algorithm and its Applications (BAA) is an interdisciplinary forum for researchers and engineers to share the latest research results, ideas and developments relating to the popular bees-inspired optimisation technique and its applications. The First Workshop, to be held online on 29 September 2021, (8:30am – 3pm GMT), will focus on applications of the Bees Algorithm to Intelligent Production and Manufacturing.

Participants who participate in this free workshop will hear from speakers about their latest work. Their work will be published in a book entitled "Intelligent Production and Manufacturing Optimisation: The Bees Algorithm Approach.”

Participants who attend the workshop will receive a participation certificate.

Participant Registration link

 The provisional presentations will be in all areas relating to production and manufacturing:

  • Assembly/disassembly line optimisation
  • Assembly/disassembly sequence optimisation
  • Maintenance schedule optimisation
  • Manufacturing process optimisation
  • Manufacturing system optimisation
  • Product life/performance/quality maximisation
  • Production equipment (e.g., machine tools/robots/AGVs) optimisation
  • Production plan optimisation
  • Supply chain optimisation

Workshop Chair

D T Pham, University of Birmingham

Important dates for Authors

  • PowerPoint and Video presentation: 8 September 2021
  • Chapter submission deadline: 6 October 2021


  • D T Pham (Workshop Chair)
  • Natalia Hartono (Co-Chair)
  • Asrul Harun Ismail
  • Fabio Fruggiero
  • Joey Lim
  • Kaiwen Jiang
  • Luca Baronti
  • Marco Castellani
  • Mario Caterino
  • Murat Sahin
  • Naila Fares
  • Sultan Zeybek
  • Turki Binbakir

Submission link for Authors

For the submission, please refer to the Instructions for Authors in your Letter of Acceptance for Abstract.

BAA 2021 submission link

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