Thanaphun Jitniyom PhD

Dr Thanaphun Jitniyom

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Teaching Fellow

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School of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Self-motivated, enthusiastic and creative researcher. Good understanding of new technology and current developments. Good in both working effectively in teams and working independently.

Able to take responsibility and work well under pressure. Strong communication and presentation skills with colleagues. Sound project management skills, runs work on time according to schedules and flexible and adaptable to cope with different situations & solve problems. Positive outlook and work attitude.


  • Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering is in progress, University of Birmingham, UK.
  • Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering, Coventry University,UK, 2020.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering, Thammasat University, Thailand, 2018.


Thanaphun Jitniyom, a Ph.D student in Mechanical Engineering at university of Birmingham. The research area is Droplet-based wetting phenomena for biomedical engineering devices. Thanaphun’s undergraduate and master's in Automotive Engineering.

In 2021 Thanaphun joined PGTA (Post graduate Teaching Assistant), teaching in Mechanics, Fluids Mechanics and energy transfer including Design Engineering. In 2023, Thanaphun joined a Teaching Fellow position in the school of Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

Thanaphun's research interests are nano-micro scale materials in biomedical engineering devices. For example, laser fabrication, chemical and high-performance 3D printing in nano-micro scale, bioengineering, design, and additive manufacture to name a few. The biomedical applications are antibiofouling, self-cleaning and self-killing bacteria.


Experience (Post-graduate Teaching assistant):

  • Lab Mechanic
  • Lab Fluid Mechanics and Energy Transfer
  • LH CFD and FEA (computational Fluid Dynamic and Finite Element Analysis)
  • Mechanics tutorial
  • LI integrated Design Project


Current project: Droplet-based wetting phenomena for biomedical engineering devices.