Dr George Brinklow PhD MSc BEng

Dr George Brinklow

Teaching Fellow

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School of Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

My current role at The University of Birmingham (UoB) is a Teaching Fellow in Mechanical Engineering. My teaching and research focus is on vehicle engineering. I started my PhD at UoB in 2018 studying emissions from hybrid electric vehicles and their catalytic aftertreatment systems. After completing my PhD I worked as a Research Fellow in decarbonisation technologies for a year before starting the role of Teaching Fellow in February 2023.


  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham (2023)
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Nottingham (2018)
  • BEng (Hons) in Motorsport Engineering, Coventry University (2017)


In 2013 I started my academic journey when I started my undergraduate degree in Motorsport Engineering at Coventry University. During this time, I was heavily involved in the Formula Student Team. Following on from that I studied MSc. Mechanical engineering at The University of Nottingham where my studies were largely focused on vehicle engineering. I started my PhD in 2018 studying hybrid vehicle emissions control strategies and completed this in 2023.

From 2022 to 2023 I worked at UoB as a Research Fellow in the area of decarbonising the energy sector working as a consultant for business around the West Midlands. My current role at UoB started in February 2023 and is much more teaching focused. I teach vehicle engineering and also support students on industrial placements as a Year in Industry supervisor.

I have also gained industrial experience working at Cummins Turbo Technologies from 2015-2016. Additionally I have completed industrial projects and secondments at AVL and Repsol whilst funding for my PhD work was provided by Johnson Matthey.


  • Powertrain and Vehicle Engineering
  • Advanced Vehicle Engineering
  • Year in Industry


Brinklow, G., Herreros, JM., Zeraati Rezaei, S., Doustdar, O., Tsolakis, A., Kolpin, A., Millington, P. (2023), Non-carbon greenhouse gas emissions for hybrid electric vehicles: three-way catalyst nitrous oxide and ammonia trade-off, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

Brinklow, G., Herreros, JM., Zeraati Rezaei, S., Doustdar, O., Tsolakis, A., Millington, P., Kolpin, A. (2023), Impact of Cylinder Deactivation Strategies on Three-way Catalyst Performance in High Efficiency Low Emissions Engines, Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, 14: 100481/

Brinklow, G., Herreros, JM., Zeraati Rezaei, S., Tsolakis, A., Oliva F. (2022) Developing an Accelerated Procedure for Assessing the Injector Fouling Abatement of Different Fuel Additives, THIESEL 2022 Conference on Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics of Clean Propulsion Powerplants