Teaching and Learning Centre - A Centre of Excellence for Evolving Engineering Education Research

The School of Engineering and Teaching Learning Centre is responsible for conducting Engineering Education Research in the School of Engineering.

The centre's main objectives are to:

  • Conduct Engineering Education research through academic-led and PhD projects (see below for opportunities)
  • Grow teaching capability and capacity in engineering academics through encouraging membership of progression through relevant bodies, rewarding innovation and highlighting  best practice.
  • Strengthen links to external engineering education networks by participation in them.
  • Establish strategic partnerships with other teaching and learning centres globally.
  • Disseminate best engineering education practice throughout the school through regular events.
  • Enrich students virtual learning experience through development of staff digital literacy
  • Improve school teaching processes including module review and teaching observation.
  • Cultivate Teaching-Focussed staff expertise in best-practice engineering education
  • Improve graduate employability by instilling a culture of reflective learning by students, against an evolving and maintained set of skills informed by best practice
  • Initiate Research-led teaching by contributing to research grant proposals via work packages which address the potential for curriculum change initiatives.


Current projects:

  • Joint project with University of Nottingham Project on Engineering Assessment. Contact: Professor Kamel Hawwash
  • The Birmingham Engineer: Evolving skill sets of Engineering. Contact: Dr Neil Cooke
  • Integrated Design Modules: Contact: Dr Neil Cooke

PhD opportunities

Enquires for current projects in technology enhanced learning.


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