Katie Muchan

Katie Muchan

MSc River Environmental Management (graduate)

The MSc River Environmental Management* course provided me with a good inter-disciplinary knowledge of fluvial systems, with modules including Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Ecology, Geomorphology and Water Quality. These modules were taught through a wide range of methods, including field trips, laboratory work and small group seminars as well as traditional lectures, which for me made the course more enjoyable. I also had the chance to attend a UK conference and undertake a consultancy-style group project, which provided ideal opportunities to network with people in well-known Environmental companies.

I was offered a summer placement at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) in Wallingford to undertake my dissertation, which was an excellent opportunity as I was able to do my fieldwork and laboratory analysis under the supervision of one of the CEH scientists. While on placement, I applied for an advertised vacancy within CEH to start work when I completed my masters. As I was already part of CEH, I had a good understanding of its background and its research interests, which was a valuable resource in the interview. I was offered the job and I am currently a Hydrological Data Scientist working in the National River Flow Archive based at CEH in Wallingford.

I feel that both the knowledge gained during my MSc and the skills learned while on placement at CEH were valuable in gaining post-graduation employment. I would highly recommend MSc River Environmental Management as a course to anyone who is interested in further study of fluvial systems and if you get the opportunity to do a placement for your dissertation, it can provide vital skills and insight into the world of post-graduation employment.


* This course is now called MSc River Environments and their Management