Rosemary Dartnall

Rosemary Dartnall

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Doctoral Researcher

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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Title of PhD: The stratigraphy, sedimentology and provenance of the Gwna mélange deposits of the Monian Supergroup, Anglesey and north-west Wales

Supervisors: Professor Ian Fairchild, Dr James Wheeley, Professor Paul Smith (Oxford University), Dr David Schofield (British Geological Survey)

Rosemary is undertaking research into the deposits of the Gwna mélange within the framework of the wider Monian Supergroup setting to establish the age and mode of emplacement of this controversial unit through sedimentological and chemostratigraphic methods. The Monian Supergroup was formed in the midst of a tectonic cycle responsible for the formation, breaking up and reformation of continental masses during early Earth history. As a result the diminutive island of Anglesey appears to consist of several terranes. A further aim is to correlate the mélange constituent lithologies with their provenance terranes in order to further deconstruct the palaeogeographic history.


MSci Geology 2011. University of Birmingham


Rosemary is a mature student, returning to study after a successful career in the footwear industry


Research interests

  • The geology and palaeoenvironments of the evolving Earth; Neoproterozoic – Ordovician times
  • Peri-Gondwanan palaeogeography
  • The Neoproterozoic to Ordovician tectonic setting of Avalonia
  • Sedimentological investigation of the Gwna mélange deposits

Other activities

  • Postgraduate demonstrator in sedimentology and geological map interpretation
  • Coordinator of the Lapworth Lecture series
  • Part-time assistant curator at the Lapworth Museum of Geology


Rosemary entered a research poster into the College of Life and Environmental Science Doctoral Researchers Conference (May 2012) and the University of Birmingham Poster Competition (June 2012). She gave a presentation of her project aims and some early results at the Anglesey Research Workshop, GeoMôn, Anglesey (July 2012). She has had a poster abstract accepted for the Fermor 2012 conference in September at the Geological Society, London.