Giuma Reeh

Giuma Reeh

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Doctoral Researcher

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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Title of PhD: Tectonic evolution of Sabratah Basin NW Offshore Libya

Supervisors: Professor Tim Reston, Dr Steve Jones

Research involves understanding the Tectonic evolution of the Sabratah Basin NW offshore Libya. This understanding helps to find out the mechanism responsible for development of en-echelon faults and folds structures, in addition to the initiation of the salt and their impact onto hydrocarbon generation and maturation in the Basin. The Sabratah Basin is considered to be the result of old extensional geodynamical movements which occurred during the late Triassic early Jurassic event as left-lateral pull-part basin.


1992-1994  MSc. Applied Geophysics (University of Bristol)
1982-1987  BSc. Geophysics (Tripoli University)
1978-1981  Diploma in Ground water (Water and Soil Institute of Libya)


Giuma started his career in 1989 at the Libyan Petroleum Research Centre as a member of the "Gravity Project map of Libya". The work included detailed surveying, measurement, processing and interpretation. After that he was a Lecturer at the University of Tripoli Geophysical Department between (1995 -2004) before he joined the "western Sirt Basin project" between (1998-2001), in this project Giuma was the Team Leader of the Geophysical group and this group was responsible to define the sedimentary evolution of the Tertiary Sirt Basin. The main part of the work has been done in the main office of Teknica Oil company in Calgary, Canada. Afterwards, Giuma participated in the “Libya Area Regional study project” between (2003-2004) and the main work was to define the basement structures, as a joint project between Libyan Petroleum Institute and SRK Consulting, Sydney Australia. Then he became a senior member of the Aeromagnetic survey by Sanader Geophysics (SGL) for Repsol Exploration Company at Kufra Basin, Libya at 2006. The survey is followed by data processing in SGL headquarter in Ottawa-Canada. Later in 2007 Giuma was a member of "A Regional Geological study of the Palaeozoic Deep Plays of the Sirt Basin Project" and that was a joint project between Libyan Petroleum Institute and Core Laboratories UK and that was just before he moved to the University of Birmingham to start his research PhD.


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oral session presented at the Third Algeria Energy Week Oran, 25-29 November 2006.

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