Dr Roger Close PhD

Dr Roger Close

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
ERC Research Fellow

Contact details

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Roger Close is a quantitative palaeobiologist. His research interests focus on macroevolutionary patterns, particularly those related to phenotypic evolution and taxonomic diversity.


BA/BSci (Hons), PhD.


Dr Roger Close’s doctoral work at Monash University focused on functional transformations associated with the evolution of flight in Mesozoic birds. Before taking up his current position as ERC Research Fellow on the TERRA project, studying large-scale patterns of taxonomic diversity in terrestrial vertebrates, Roger completed postdoctoral work at Oxford on the macroevolutionary transformations associated with the Cenozoic radiation of acanthomorph fishes.

Postgraduate supervision

Currently co-supervising PhD projects by Emma Dunne and Dan Cashmore.


Research interests

Macroevolution, phenotypic evolution, diversity