Dr Roberto Sommariva PhD

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Research Fellow

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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

My research is focused on halogens and radical chemistry in the troposphere, combining measurements and modelling. My main research project is about the processes that form and destroy ozone, and other pollutants, in the lower atmosphere.

Personal website: www.robsom.org


I obtained my PhD in Chemistry from the University of Leeds (2005). After that, I worked at NOAA (Boulder, CO, USA) for four years working on nighttime chemistry. I  then moved to UEA (Norwich, UK) to work on halogen chemistry, and continued my work on the subject at the University of Leicester (UK).


Researcher identifier number: M-5361-2014

Research interests

Radicals and haloge chemistry in the troposphere; formation and evolution of atmospheric pollutants; chemical mechanisms and models for atmospheric chemistry; chemical ionization mass spectrometry



  • P. S. Monks, A. T. Archibald, A. Colette, O. Cooper, M. Coyle, R. Derwent, D. Fowler, C. Granier, K. S. Law, G. E. Mills, D. S. Stevenson, O. Tarasova, V. Thouret, E. von Schneidemesser, R. Sommariva, O. Wild, M. L. Williams: Tropospheric ozone and its precursors from the urban to the global scale from air quality to short-lived climate forcer. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15, 15, 8889--8973, 2015. link.
  • J. Buxmann, S. Bleicher, U. Platt, R. von Glasow, R. Sommariva, A. Held, C. Zetzsch, J. Ofner: Consumption of reactive halogen species from sea-salt aerosol by secondary organic aerosol: slowing down the bromine explosion. Environmental Chemistry, 12, 476--488, 2015. doi.
  • R. Hossaini, M. P. Chipperfield, A. Saiz-Lopez, J. J. Harrison, R. von Glasow, R. Sommariva, E. Atlas, M. Navarro, S. A. Montzka, W. Feng, S. Dhomse, C. Harth, J. Mühle, C. Lunder, S. O'Doherty, D. Young, S. Reimann, M. K. Vollmer, P. B. Krummel, P. F. Bernath: Growth in stratospheric chlorine from short-lived chemicals not controlled by the Montreal Protocol. Geophysical Research Letters, 42, 11, 4573--4580, 2015. doi.
  • R. Sommariva, R. S. Blake, R. J. Cuss, R. L. Cordell, J. F. Harrington, I. R. White, P. S. Monks: Observations of the release of non-methane hydrocarbons from fractured shale. Environmental Science and Technology, 48, 15, 8891--8896, 2014. doi.

Book Sections

  • A. Mace, R. Sommariva, Z. Fleming, W. Wang: Adaptive K-Means for Clustering Air Mass Trajectories. Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning - IDEAL 2011. Volume 6936 of the series "Lecture Notes in Computer Science", pp 1-8, Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2011).

Selected Presentations

  • R. Sommariva, R. S. Blake, R. J. Cuss, R. L. Cordell, I. C. A. Goodall, J. F. Harrington, M. T. Ortega, S. Ouheda, P. S. Monks: Real-time mass spectrometric analysis of hydrocarbons from crushed shales. EFASIG at WWEM2016, 2 November, Telford, UK, 2016. TALK (INVITED).
  • R. Sommariva, L. D. J. Hollis, S. M. Ball, A. R. Baker, T. G. Bell, T. C. Brown, R. L. Cordell, M. Evans, Z. L. Fleming, M. Yang, P. S. Monks: Seasonal and geographical patterns of chlorine species in Northern Europe. 14th IGAC Science Conference, 26-30 September, Breckenridge, CO, USA, 2016. POSTER.
  • R. Sommariva: Modelling and measurements of chlorine in the boundary layer. Royal Meteorological Society Atmospheric Chemistry Special Interest Group Meeting, 25 May, Norwich, UK, 2016. TALK (INVITED).
  • R. Sommariva, L. D. J. Hollis, S. M. Ball, T. C. Brown, R. L. Cordell, M. Evans, Z. L. Fleming, P. S. Monks: Inorganic chlorine in an urban environment: measurements and seasonal patterns. Chemistry in the Urban Atmosphere: Faraday Discussion, 6-8 April, London, UK, 2016. POSTER.

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