Dr Sarah Greene PhD

Dr Sarah Greene

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Associate Professor

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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Sarah is a palaeoclimatologist, geobiologist, and Earth system modeller studying the biogeochemical cycling of carbon between the atmosphere, the ocean, and marine sediments. Particular research interests include rapid carbon cycle perturbations (Mesozoic mass extinctions, Palaeogene hyperthermals), protracted multi-mullion year carbon cycle trends (co-evolution of life and the carbon cycle), and how biogeochemical cycling within marine sediments influences palaeoclimatological and palaeoenvironmental records.

ORCID 0000-0002-3025-9043


  • B.S. Geological Sciences, 2005 (University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA)
  • B.A. German, 2005 (University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA)
  • Ph.D Geological Sciences, 2011 (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Dr Sarah Greene grew up in New York City and studied Geology and German at the University of Rochester before pursuing a PhD in Geological Sciences at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, studying mass extinctions, marine invertebrate palaeontology, and carbonate diagenesis. In 2011 she moved to the University of Bristol for a postdoctoral position, retraining in palaeoclimatology and numerical modelling of the Earth system/global biogeochemical cycles. She was appointed as a Lecturer in Palaeoclimates at Birmingham in 2017.

2021 - current Associate Professor in Palaeoclimates, University of Birmingham
2019-2021 - Lecturer in Palaeoclimates, Univeristy of Birmingham
2017-2019 - NERC Independent Research Fellow and Proleptic Lecturer in Palaeoclimates, Univeristy of Birmingham
2014-2019 - NERC Independent Research Fellow, University of Bristol
2011-2014 - NERC Research Associate, University of Bristol (Advisor: Prof. Andy Ridgwell)
2011 PhD, University of Southern California (Advisor: Prof. David Bottjer)
2006 Fulbright Research Fellowship to Germany
2005 B.S. in Geological Sciences, University of Rochester
2005 B.A. in German, University of Rochester


Dr Sarah Greene teaches earth system science, geochemistry, palaeoclimates, sedimentology, oceanography, and field geology. She is passionate about making teaching practices as inclusive as possible, authoring several best practice guides about field teaching that have been adopted by many universities nationally and internationally, and has twice been shortlisted for the University of Birmingham's Higher Education Futures institute (HEFi) Inclusive Educator Award (2020, 2021). Outside of the University of Birmingham, Sarah has taught on multiple international summer courses for PhD students, including the International Geobiology Course and the Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimates.

Postgraduate supervision

Sarah is primarily interested in supporting PhD projects in Earth system modelling, biogeochemical cycles, and palaeoclimates, but is also open to discussing other project ideas. If you are interested in exploring opportunities to join Sarah's group here at Birmingham as a graduate student or postdoc/research fellow then please get in touch.


Dr Sarah Greene's primary research interests are rapid palaeoclimate 'events', large igneous province volcanism, mass extinctions, ocean acidification, carbonate biogeochemistry, the co-evolution of life and the planet and, particularly, carbon cycle feedbacks and past global biogeochemical cycles. Sarah's primary research toolkits are Earth system modelling, field geology, and geochemistry. A hallmark of Sarah's research approach is innovation - she works on projects as varied as developing established geochemical proxies for application in animal ecology, applying machine learning to palaeoclimate proxy development, and on interrogating the human practice of geoscience and palaeontology, past to present.


Recent publications


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Other contribution

Giles, S, Greene, S, Ashley, K, Dunne, E, Edgar, K & Hanson, E 2020, Getting the basics right: a field-teaching primer on toilet stops in the field.. https://doi.org/10.5194/egusphere-egu2020-11723

Greene, S, Ashley, K, Dunne, E, Edgar, K, Giles, S & Hanson, E 2020, Toilet stops in the field: An educational primer and recommended best practices for field-based teaching.. https://doi.org/10.31219/osf.io/gnhj2


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