Dr Laura Graham

Dr Laura Graham

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Birmingham Fellow
IIASA-NERC Research Fellow

Contact details

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Laura Graham is a computational and spatial ecologist interested in understanding how anthropogenic changes such as climate and land-use change affect global ecosystems, and how this in turn affects human well-being. Read more about Laura’s research at laurajanegraham.github.io. 

Laura is currently working on the IIASA-NERC funded fellowship A complex-systems approach to improve understanding of the biodiversity-landscape structure relationship.


  • PhD Geography, University of Nottingham
  • MSc Environmental Management, University of Nottingham (Distinction)
  • BSc Mathematics, University of Southampton (First)


Laura completed her PhD at the University of Nottingham where she developed methods for incorporating landscape-scale biodiversity assessment into the urban planning process. She then moved to Stony Brook University, NY where she was a postdoc studying the effect of climate change on hummingbird distributions. Following this, Laura was a postdoc on the ERC Project Scaling Rules for Ecosystem Services. Prior to beginning her career in academic research, Laura was a mathematician and database developer, and has since applied skills learned there to answer ecological questions. 

In 2020, Laura joined GEES as a Birmingham Fellow, with the first 3 years funded by the IIASA-NERC Fellowship A complex-systems approach to improve understanding of the biodiversity-landscape structure relationship.

Postgraduate supervision

Laura Graham welcomes enquiries from students with interests in landscape ecology, macroecology, global change ecology, and human-nature interactions. In particular: 

  • Effect of land-use change (due to agriculture, urbanization) on biodiversity
  • Interactive effects of climate and land-use change on biodiversity
  • Using heterogeneous sources of data (e.g. citizen science, social media, online search histories) to answer ecological and socio-ecological questions.

Current Students

Sonia Bansal (2021- ) The Connected City: balancing equity in access to greenspace with biodiversity Conservation (University of Birmingham, CENTA DTP) 

Kerryn Little (2020 - ) The importance of local landscape controls on fuel moisture content for fire behaviour and fire danger (University of Birmingham, Pyrolife ITN) 

Past Students

Nathan Fox (2017 - 2021) Using big data from social media sites to understand the role of geodiversity in the delivery of cultural ecosystem services (University of Southampton, SPITFIRE DTP)


  • Landscape ecology
  • Macroecology
  • Ecosystem services
  • Statistical & computational methods development

Other activities

  • BES Publications Committee – Committee Member
  • BES Events Committee – Chair
  • BES Quantitative Ecology Group – Secretary
  • Methods in Ecology & Evolution – Associate Editor
  • People & Nature – Associate Editor
  • Fellow of the Turing Institute


Recent publications


Graham, LJ, Watts, K & Eigenbrod, F 2023, 'Teasing apart fine- and coarse-scale effects of environmental heterogeneity on tree species richness in Europe', Basic and Applied Ecology, vol. 66, pp. 78-84. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.baae.2022.12.002

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