Dr Santanu Majumder PhD

Dr Santanu Majumder

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow

In today’s world, there are many pollutants emerging frequently that may threaten the environmental as well as public health. Dr Santanu Majumder’s research focuses on developing analytical methods to detect potentially hazardous environmental pollutants, from toxic trace elements to engineered nanoparticles, impacting various sectors – from natural water resources to agrochemical industries. His research involves lab and field based data to interpret the chemistry, mobilization, health hazards and remedial measures of these hazardous substances to ensure a safer and sustainable planet.


2010-2013 Ph.D Environmental Analytical Chemistry. University of Girona, Spain.

2005-2007 MSc in Chemistry (Specialisation - Analytical Chemistry). University of Kalyani, India.


Dr Santanu Majumder’s research investigates the role of metal based engineered nanoparticles used in agricultural industries (Phytonanotechnology). As an environmental analytical chemist, he is particularly interested in understanding how these potentially toxic substances could get into our food and impact environmental and public health. His previous research (in India, USA, and Mexico) explored the toxic trace metal(loid)s, such as arsenic, their speciation, mobilization and how they could contaminate natural water resources. 

He holds a PhD in Environmental Analytical Chemistry from University of Girona, Spain (2013) and has previously worked as a Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Geology & Geophysics at the Texas A&M University, USA (2017-2019). Dr Majumder has also worked as a Full-Time Faculty Member in the Department of Ecological Engineering and Environmental Management, University of Kalyani, India (2014-2016).


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(*Corresponding Author)

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