Professor John Thornes

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Professor of Applied Meteorology

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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


The atmosphere has always been my main research focus and the dialectic between the atmosphere and society on a variety of spatial and temporal scales has constantly fascinated me. I have developed three main areas of inter-related research in the fields of transport meteorology, landscape meteorology and the commodification of the atmosphere/verification of weather forecasts and climate prediction. I have always tried to put my ideas into action and this has led to the setting up of two University Companies (Thermal Mapping International 1984-89 and Entice Technology 2002-06). I have been the President of the Standing International Road Weather Commission on two occasions (SIRWEC is linked to PIARC the Permanent International Association of Road Congresses) and I am currently Secretary, helping to organise the next conference in Quebec in 2010.

Postgraduate supervision

Research Students since 2001

S. Du Self Funding Climate Emissions Trading and Climate Uncertainty PhD 2008 -

S. Khan School Studentship Monet and the London Series PhD 2006 -

S. Keeling PhD 2008 Self funding Public Perception of Weather Forecasts

Sam Randalls PhD 2006 NERC/ESRC Firms, Finance and the Weather – Weather Derivatives.

Lee Chapman PhD 2002 School Studentship A Blueprint for 21st Century Road ice prediction.


Research interests

  • Cultural Climatology
  • Atmospheric Management
  • Road Weather Forecasting
  • Environmental Art
  • Adaptation to Climate Change

Current and recent research

KTP (Knowledge Transfer Programme) grant for £120k to develop a new road sensor with Campbell Scientific Ltd. (2005-07)

Research into the paintings of Constable and Monet with Jacob Baker is continuing with recent work concentrating on Monet's 'London Series' of 95 paintings of the London Fogs 1899 -1904.

Working closely with WSI (Weather services International) to develop our OpenRoute weather forecast products for Highway Authorities. We are determined to set new standards for road weather forecasts.

CREW (Community Response to Extreme Weather) EPSRC £1.5m grant (2008-2011) Co-PI

Member of Birmingham Environmental Partnership Adaptation Committee


Key Publications since 2001

Thornes, J.E. (2008) A rough guide to environmental art, Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 33, 391-411

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Environmental Art, Constable, Turner, Monet, Landscape Meteorology