Dr Charles Goode DPhil, MSc (RTPI-accredited), BA

Dr Charles Goode

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Teaching Fellow in Urban and Regional Planning
International and Year Abroad Tutor (GEES)
Postgraduate Planning Dissertation Lead

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Charles is a Geographer and trained planner with research and teaching interests in strategic planning/regional governance, community involvement, housing supply/affordability and planning history. His ESRC-funded doctoral research focused on the Green Belt, England's housing crisis and the planning system and is published in a range of practitioner and academic outlets. Charles' research is now moving into post-Covid cities and the greening of city centres. A particular passion of Charles' is strengthening the links between the academy and planning practice. 


  • BA History with Geography Joint Honours
  • MSc Urban and Regional Planning
  • MSc Research in Human Geography
  • DPhil (Birmingham, completed 2021)
  • Member of the RTPI
  • Member of the RGS
  • Member of the RTPI West Midlands RAC
  • Commended for RTPI West Midlands Young Planner of the Year Award 2020
  • Finalist for RTPI Early Career Researcher of the Year 2020


A trained planner, Charles completed his ESRC-funded PhD on the Green Belt, England's housing crisis and the planning system in March 2021. During the course of the PhD, Charles interviewed 75 planning stakeholders thereby developing a wide professional network with the planning and development industry. This reflects Charles' strong commitment to strengthening the links between the academy and planning practice through extensive involvement with the RTPI, including being a member of the West Midlands RAC which helps to steer the future strategic direction of the PhD. Aspects of his research were published in several planning magazines and LinkedIn whilst, academically, aspects of Charles' PhD relating to community opposition to housebuilding, strategic planning and the history of the Green Belt have been published in leading planning journals. 

Charles has also published and taught on the emerging impacts of Covid-19 on planning and city centres. His research interests are moving into urban greening and the post-Covid recovery of the High Street. 



First Year: 

  • Planning for the Built Environment (Module Lead)
  • First Year Tutorials 
  • Cities in Transition (contributor)
  • Contemporary Human Geography (contributor)

Second Year: 

  • Urban Policy Design and Planning Analysis (contributor) 
  • Dissertation Tutor
  • Second Year Tutorials

Third Year: 

  • Dissertation Tutor
  • Third Year Tutorials
  • Regenerating Urban Communities (Contributor)
  • Contemporary Issues in Urban Development and Planning (Contributor) 


  • Postgraduate Planning Dissertation Lead
  • Planning Methods and Techniques (Module Lead)
  • Sustainable Cities (Contributor) 
  • Introduction to Spatial Planning (Contributor) 
  • Urban Regeneration and Renewal (Contributor)
  • Integrated Planning Project (Co-Module Coordinator) 


Research expertise include strategic planning/regional governance, community involvement, housing supply/affordability, Green Belt/green infrastructure and planning history. Emerging research interests are: post-Covid planning, urban greening and post-Covid High Street recovery.


Academic Journals:

Goode, C.E. (2022) 'The enduring importance of strategic vision in planning: The case of the West Midlands Green Belt', Planning Perspectives, Ahead of Print, pp. 1-29. Published Open Access:https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02665433.2022.2040383?src=.

Goode, C.E. (2022) 'Planning principles and particular places: planners’ and campaigners’ perspectives on motivations for popular support of the Green Belt', Town Planning Review, 93(3), pp. 301-328:https://www.liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/journals/issue/6670.

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Goode, C.E. (2021) 'Planning and Pandemics', Town Planning Review, 92(3), pp. 377-384 (https://bit.ly/2HmLW2Q).

Goode, C.E. (2021) 'Escape to the country: The implications of Coronavirus on the English Housing Crisis' in Bryson, J., Andres, A., Ersoy, A. and Reardon, L. (2021) Living With Pandemics (Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham), pp. 174-183.

Goode, C.E. and Rayner, B. (2021) 'Coronavirus and the Digitalisation of Planning: Perspectives from Practice and Academia' in Bryson, J., Andres, A., Ersoy, A. and Reardon, L. (2021) Living With Pandemics (Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham), pp. 149-158.

Goode, C.E. (2020) What would it take to solve the housing crisis? (chapter in Right Answers Report by the Critical Academics Group: https://bit.ly/3pHrwn4).

Academic-Practitioner Journals

Goode, C.E. (2019) Green Belts, Geography and Governance: Towards a Spatial ‘Solution’ for a 21st Century Green Belt? (Paper for European Council of Spatial Planners (ECSP) Young Planners Workshop- https://tempectp.cimalink.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/e-book-YP-2019.pdf), pp. 31-57.  


RTPI Article on the Value of Planning Committees in Planning for Housing (https://bit.ly/33dKEyX)  

RTPI Article on the Governance of the Green Belt (https://bit.ly/3bPdco1)

RTPI Article on the 20-minute Neighbourhood (https://bit.ly/3h1Q4VJ)

Planning in Post-Coronavirus UK (Social Housing Matters (academic-practitioner forum) https://bit.ly/3ojmtZo)

The Tale and Cry of the Mariner (Article on community involvement in planning for housing (LinkedIn))

In Defence of Planning: Do the means of zoning justify the ends of solving the housing crisis? (LinkedIn)

The Planned, Unplanned and Eclectic: A Tale of Three Towns in Sussex by the Sea (LinkedIn)

Time for a national and regional ‘conversation’ on the Green Belt (LinkedIn)

Research Summaries - RTPI Magazine:

1.       ‘Green Belts, Geography and Governance’, InPerspective (Summer 2019).

2.       ‘The Green Belt and Local Communities’: InPerspective, BranchOut and Tripwire (https://bit.ly/3gOGJhb).

Conference Reports: 13 Reports written for RTPI (Available on request).