Dr Karin Bottom

Dr Karin Bottom

Institute of Local Government Studies
Lecturer British Politics and Public Policy
Director of Teaching and Learning

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Institute of Local Government Studies
School of Government and Society
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Karin Bottom directs INLOGOV's MSc in Public Management and lectures on modules concerned with 1) party politics; democracy and  public management; 2) research methods.

Feedback and office hours

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  • PhD in Government, University of Manchester (2007)
  • MA, Parties and Elections, Keele (2001)
  • BSc in Politics & Psychology, Keele (2000)


Dr Karin Bottom  is a political scientist and has worked at INLOGOV since February 2007.  


  • Participation and Democracy (Graduate INLOGOV)
  • Making Policy (Graduate, INLOGOV) 
  • Public Policy Research Methods (Graduate, INLOGOV)
  • Social Research Methods 1 (Graduate, College of Social Sciences)
  • Questionnaire Design (Graduate, College of Social Science) 

Postgraduate supervision

Karin welcomes the opportunity to supervise in areas relating to parties (particularly small parties); party systems; elections; democracy; poltics outside the mainstream; British and comparative politics; multilevel governance


  • Abena Dadze Arthur. 'Made in the West adapted by the East – institutionalizing customer-centric public services in Abu Dhabi'.
  • Rebecca O’Neil. 'Evidence-based  policy making in the UK'.


  • Thom Oliver. The politics of multi-level governance: Regional influence on MP's, MEP's and councillors (with Chris Skelcher INLOVOV). Pass Minor Corrections
  • Tania Garcia Chavez. Decentralisation as a strategy for building trust between police and citizens: a comparative analysis of Mexico, UK and Germany (with John Raine INLOGOV). Pass No Corrections.


Research interests

Broadly speaking, Dr Bottom's research focuses on various aspects of parties and party systems. Her work adopts a multilevel perspective that is particularly interested in the changing roles and responsibilities of political parties.

  • The depoliticisation of party politics.
  • The impact of directly elected mayors.
  • The role and relevance of small parties.
  • British Politics.


Selected  articles

Bottom K. Reiser, M. (2014), 'Still want to party? An assessment of party politicisation in directly elected mayoral authorities in England and Germany's North-Rhine Westphalia', Public Money & Management, 34, (5), 339-346.

Bottom, K. Crow, A. (2011) 'Mob rule? Two cases studies of how single-issue organisations  became the ruling party on council', Local Government Studies, 37, (2): 219-241.

Bottom, K. Copus, C. (2011 ) 'Motivations for serving on council:  independents versus the mainstream', Public Policy and Administration, (26) 279-305.

Clark, A. Bottom, K. and Copus, C. (2008) 'More similar than they would like to admit? Contemporary political ideologies and the rise of the British National Party and Respect in Britain', British Politics, 3, (4): 511-534.

Chapters in edited books

Bottom, K.  Copus, C. (2011) 'The BNP in local government: Support for the far-right or for community politics?',  N. Copsey and G. Macklin (eds.) New Perspectives on the BNP, Routledge.

Clark A. Colin Copus, C. and Bottom, K.  (2008) 'Multi-party politics in England: small parties, independents, and political associations in English local politics', M. Reiser, E. Holtmann,  Farewell to the party model? Independent local lists in east and west European countries, London Manchester: Urban and Regional Research International, 11, series editors, H. Wollmann,  H. Baldersheim, P. John, 553-276.