BMCA Teachers' Day

Arts Building
Arts and Law
Saturday 1st February 2020 (09:30-16:30)
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Please contact Joanna Johnson at Solihull School ( to register your interest and book a place on the day.

The Birmingham and Midlands Classical Association would like to invite all teachers to their annual Teachers' Day on Saturday 1st February, hosted by the University of Birmingham.

The programme (see below) includes feedback from Alex Orgee, subject leader of classics at OCR, as well as subject talks from academics and teachers to support Classical Civilisation, Ancient History, and Latin at GCSE and A Level.

The cost of the event is £45 per attendee which can be paid on the day. Receipts can be supplied after the event. Schools do not need to be a member of the Birmingham and Midlands Classical Association to attend.


9.30-9.45: Arrival, coffee, and welcome at the Arts Building, University of Birmingham 

9.45-10.45: OCR – feedback from Year 1 of A Level and GCSE Classical Civilisation and Ancient History (Alex Orgee, OCR) 


  • A: GCSE Latin (Eduqas): compulsory set texts 
  • B: GCSE Greek set texts workshop 
  • C: Workshop - A Level Latin Authors: Tacitus 

11.45-12.00: Coffee 


  • A: Greek Theatre: Sophocles (Polly Stoker) 
  • B: Invention of the Barbarian (Andrew Bayliss) 
  • C: The Julio-Claudian Emperors and Imperial Image (Hannah Cornwell) 

1.00-1.45: Lunch 


  • A: GCSE Ancient History Specification (Anna McOmish) 
  • B: GCSE Classical Civilisation: Roman City Life (Roger White) 
  • C: Democracy and the Athenians (Matteo Barbato) 

2.45-3.00: Coffee 

3.00-4.00: ‘Laughing as she cried’: Women’s Responses to Conflict from Homer to the Twenty-First Century (Polly Stoker) 

4.00-4.30: Tea, final questions and departure