Mr Nicolaos Shiaxiate

Mr Nicolaos Shiaxiate

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
Doctoral Researcher

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  • BA Ancient and Medieval History (2:1) (University of Birmingham)
  • MA Antiquity: Ancient History (Merit) (University of Birmingham)


I took my undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham. My Bachelor’s degree was on Ancient and Medieval History, covering different aspects and eras of history. After finishing my BA I decided to concentrate on Ancient History. As a result of this, I enrolled and completed an MA on Antiquity at the University of Birmingham. Through my Master’s degree, I discovered that I had great interest in the origins of democracy and in Athenian politics. My MA dissertation is entitled ‘Athens: From Aristocracy to Democracy: An Inevitable transition?’. My love for ancient and Greek history led me into starting a PhD, and more specifically focusing on Pseudo-Xenophon and his small treatise called ‘Constitution of the Athenians’.

Doctoral research

PhD title
Reinterpreting pseudo-Xenophon On the Constitution of the Athenians
Dr Gideon Nisbet and Dr Philip Burton
Classics and Ancient History PhD/MA by Research (On-Campus or by Distance Learning)


My thesis is on a short treatise called ‘The Constitution of the Athenians’ by Pseudo-Xenophon. My aim is to demonstrate the text’s value for our understanding of different ancient perspectives on democracy in Athens, and of howAthenian democracy functioned. The result of my research will be a linguistic and political commentary on the text, with accompanying studies of important questions such as the text’s generic affiliations and the vexed question of its date.

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