Emerson Abraham Jackson

Emerson Abraham Jackson

Department of African Studies and Anthropology
Doctoral researcher

Contact details

PhD title: Assessment of Sustainable Livelihood Dynamics in Goderich [Sierra Leone]
Supervisor: Dr Reginald Cline-Cole
PhD African Studies [Sustainable Development]


I am an Economist and Educationist by training with qualifications in the following:

  • BSc (Hons) Econ - University of Sierra Leone
  • MSc (Research Methods - Economic and Social Science Methodology) - London South Bank University
  • PGCE (Further and Higher Education) - University of Sussex
  • Certificate in Applied Theology - University of Birmingham


My research, ‘Assessment Sustainable Livelihood’, is aimed at assessing historiological trend in livelihood dynamics and diversification of residents in Goderich, a sub-urban rural community in the Western Area of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Goderich has a long history as an important fishing centre, which attracted specialist fisherfolk, transporters and traders from elsewhere in the country and beyond for decades. In addition to fishing, communities in Goderich have also been diversified through a range of livelihood activities, more so as a result of increasing population and exposure to wide range of livelihood assets [Financial, Physical, Natural, Human and Social Capital]. The expansion and need for diversified range of livelihoods have also given rise to a range of associated risks and for which people are seen to be making ways in finding alternative means of livelihood adaptation, which in some cases, can be threatening to the long-term sustainability of the natural environment.

Data collection process for the research is to incorporate triangulated approaches; the first of this, is a baseline Panel data study, involving distribution of questionnaires to residents in the different communities comprising Goderich. This will span over 12 months duration [three monthly intervals] by tracking variability of livelihood dynamics amongst the same set of participants in Goderich. The second,  participant observation and group interviews, is to focus in areas perceived as being highly vulnerable to natural trends and shocks over the chosen period. It is hoped that the outcome will contribute meaningfully to the exploration of a more sustainable means of livelihood opportunities for the entire Goderich community.

Alongside my academic training, I strive to explore research through my capacity as a reviewer with scholarly journals (Education and Information Technologies  and Journal of Mixed Methods research) and publications in the area of Heterodox and conventional Orthodox approaches to economic and development policies.

I am a Senior (Research) Economist at the Bank of Sierra Leone; a vital role that complement my analytical ability, particularly in the application of both qualitative and quantitative applications [STATA/ EViews, SPSS, MatLab and NVIVO] on which outcomes of the doctoral field research [baseline-panel survey and group interviews] will be focused. A test of my (critical) research methodology and econometrics skills will be utilised, particularly so in articulating combination of ‘Mixed Methods’ approach in exploring the full extent of livelihood diversification, vulnerability and coping strategies, which among others, will form part of my proposed policy stance in addressing the peculiarity of livelihood dynamics in Goderich. 

Other activities

In addition to my academic and professional work engagements, I also strive to be part of an engaging community of knowledge dissemination through participation in professional journal (peer)  review activities and to name a few,  the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, Education and Information Technologies Journal, Economic Management Journal and many more. Outside of the main discipline of Economic Sciences and Sustainable Development research activities, I also contribute to other disciplines of academic scholarship like (critical) post-modern Philosophical writings.


Articles in peer-reviewed journals

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 Conference Papers

  • Jackson, E.A. (2017). Political Economy of Forest Ecology in Sierra Leone: A focus on the Western Area Peninsular Forest (WAPFoR). Lumen 9th International Scientific Conference, Bucharest, Romania (24 - 25th November, 2017).

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