Emerson Abraham Jackson BSc, MSc, PGCE

Emerson Abraham Jackson

Department of African Studies and Anthropology
Doctoral researcher

Contact details

PhD title: Assessment of Sustainable Livelihood Dynamics in Goderich [Sierra Leone]
Supervisor: Dr Reginald Cline-Cole
PhD African Studies [Sustainable Development]


  • BSc (Hon) Econs – Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone
  • MSc (Research Methods in the Social Science) - London South Bank University
  • PGCE (Further and Higher Education) - University of Sussex                    
  • Certificate in Applied Theology - University of Birmingham
  • PhD Candidate – Sustainable Livelihood Research (Expected completion date: 2021) - University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

In addition to the above qualifications, I have also gained various specialist certification training in the following areas:

  • Model-Based Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting (MPAFx) – IMF Institute
  • Econometrics – Panel Data Approach [West African Monetary Agency]
  • Financial Development and Financial Inclusion [IMF Institute]
  • Introduction to Financial Stability Function [Bank of England / DFID sponsorship]
  • Model building and Inflation Forecasting [Bank of England / DFID sponsorship]
  • Macro-econometric Forecasting [IMF Institute]
  • Financial Market Analysis [IMF Institute]
  • Debt Sustainability Analysis [MF Institute]
  • Macroeconomic Diagnostics [IMF Institute]
  • DSGE modelling for African Economies [AfDB Institute]
  • Financial Programming and Policies [IMF Institute]
  • Forests and Livelihoods in Developing Countries [Edex, University of British Columbia].


My doctoral research topic, ‘Researching Livelihoods in Goderich Village, Sierra Leone’, is aimed at modelling historiological trends in livelihood dynamics and diversification. Goderich, a sub-urban rural community in the Western Area of Freetown has a long history as an important fishing centre, which attracted specialist fisherfolk, transporters and traders from elsewhere in the country and beyond for decades. In addition to fishing, communities in Goderich have diversified their livelihood activities, more so as a result of recent population mobility and exposure to wide-range of livelihood assets [Financial, Physical, Natural, Human and Social Capital]. The expansion and need for diversified range of livelihoods have also given rise to a range of associated risks, such as the unsustainable use of the natural environment, for example ‘sand-mining, stone-quarrying, deforestation and many more’. Equally, lesson learned from COVID-19 pandemic is also explored as a way of understanding people’s approaches on livelihood planning during time of unforeseen stresses / vulnerability.

Data collection process for the study incorporate primary triangulation approach, otherwise referred to as mixed methods; the first of this is a baseline survey (questionnaires) distributed to residents, section town-heads and focus group participants within the different locations comprising Goderich. The second, incorporating mixture of interviews and participant observation processes, is a follow-up of the baseline survey to explore vulnerabilities, trends and shocks throughout participants’’ time in Goderich. It is hoped that the outcome will contribute meaningfully towards knowledge exploration on access to core SLF assets in creating opportunities for diversified means of (sustained) livelihoods for residents in Goderich, while also addressing ways of mitigating long-term risks to the environment in general.

Other activities

  • On-going research in Sustainable Livelihood Diversification: This is an area of particular interest to my doctoral research and it is geared towards assessing livelihood diversification of residents in the Goderich surrounding. In addition, I have also taken keen interest in addressing sustainable development discourses through engagement in the UN Encyclopedia SDG book project (see relevant section on book chapters); in this, I have addressed topical areas like “Collective bargaining, Informal employment, Nurturing Career Development, Importance of the Public Service in achieving the SDGs, Market failure, Import Substitution Industrialization, Revisit of Globalization amid COVID-19, Economics of Innovation and technological transformation, Critical discourse on the Sustainable Livelihood Framework and many more”.
  • On-going development of "Structural Macroeconomic Models (namely Forecasting and Policy Analysis Systems [FPAS]): This is in support of long-term policy formulation in the West African Sub-region" - this is a multivariate model grounded on the principles of economic theory, more so the New Keynesian approach.
  • Research in Inflation Dynamics: This involve use of model approaches such as Vector Autoregressive (VAR), Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) and Vector Error Correction Model (VECM). This is intended to address short and medium-term policy stance((s) in Sierra Leone by taking into consideration forecast outcomes and impulse response shocks on the system using macroeconomic variables like CPI, exchange rate, reserve money and many more.
  • Macro-based Research Endeavour: This entail empirical research that explore the application of Panel Data Econometrics and “Susceptible Infected Recovery (SIR)” model in areas associated with “Credit Risk of Banks in Sierra Leone” and COVID-19 pandemic in Sierra Leone and the WAMZ Bloc. SIR model is extensively utilised in medical sciences, specifically in epidemiology research, but latterly, its use seem to be widely explored with the application of econometrics models, simply as a way of addressing on-going concerns and implementation of effective policy formulation pertaining to the depressed state of the world economy arising from COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Teaching and External Examination role: Associate Lecturer in ‘Research Methods‘ module, Department of Economics and Commerce, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. I am also exploring the use of action research on the topic of “Economic Pluralism“ as a way of engaging students‘ critical mindset in research methodology. I also form External Examination role with the School of Postgraduate Studies, University of Sierra Leone.

In addition to my academic and professional work engagements, I also strive to be part of a community of knowledge dissemination through active participation in Peer Review activities with the following journals: African Development Review, Journal of Mixed Methods Research, Education and Information Technologies Journal, Journal of Economic Management and many more. I also contribute in other areas of academic scholarship, for example (Critical) Postmodern / Pluralist discourses and Guest Lectureship at various higher education institutions in Sierra Leone.



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