Co-operatives and Decolonisation: A Beautiful Friendship?

Muirhead Tower - Room 112
Wednesday 1 March 2017 (16:00-18:00)

Speaker: Dr Mo Moulton (Birmingham)

Part of the Modern and Contemporary History Seminar Series Spring 2017.

ALL are welcome and there are always drinks afterwards in Bratby Bar, Staff House.

Please contact the organiser if you’d like to join the speaker for dinner afterwards.


This paper considers the adoption of agricultural cooperatives across the British Empire and its successor states in the 20th century. These cooperatives were ubiquitous, and they were distinctive firstly in being, usually, the creation of the state and secondly in being explicitly interested in encouraging, not only economic development, but also certain patterns of economic practice, affect, interaction, behaviour, and belief.

In other words, they were state-directed experiments in economic development and in the development of economic citizenship.

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